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I can tell you deliverance will not come from the rushing noisy centers of civilization. It will come from the lonely places.” –Fridtjof Nansen

Kathy Toth’s is a Canadian artist, sculptor and photographer currently based out of Toronto. Kathy’s photographic work explores different elements in the built environment such as industry, community and culture. Architecture clearly displays the values we hold dear more anything else, and is constant over decades. Architecture is one of the only tangible things which clearly displays past, present and future together. Kathy is interested in the places / spaces people inhabit, work, and develop culture in and how they change, or don’t over time. Common themes that have evolved in her work include an examination of ruination and slum-scape, displacement, gentrification, hyper commodification, disposablity and obsolescence. She seeks out uninhabited or neglected ‘nowhere’ spaces in urban and rural environments because they provide sharp contrast to our super polished, hyper commercialized ‘everyplaces’ we are slowly being drowned by in North America. Communities separated by great distances are shaped by market forces that create a homogeneous pseudo-corporate identity. This shift of public spaces to private commercial interests, and the disconnect our citizens and community have with where our food and products are made, to where people live and work is also a reoccurring theme in her work.

Kathy studied Philosophy and Psychology at York University in Toronto with specializations in bioethics, abnormal and experimental psychology. She is largely self taught in photography since she was a teenager documenting graffiti in the urban environment since 1994. Kathy has participated in several workshops with local master printer Bob Carnie and others as well as a master class with noted Toronto social documentary photographer, Vincenzo Pietropaulo. She published a hard cover, limited edition book on Toronto’s hidden graffiti scene “Hidden Toronto” in 2013, and will soon release an extended “Hidden Toronto” softcover edition in 2017.


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